My Baby Bump Is So Huge That People Constantly Ask If I’m Having Triplets But There’s Only One In There

Baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes – but one mum’s is so big that people constantly ask her if she is having triplets.

This mum showed off her growing belly and said the birth “couldn’t come fast enough.”

She uploaded a video of her dancing in pyjamas with her baby bump.

Hayley wrote: “Belly so big! Lord have mercy! Might dance this boy out. 31st can’t come fast enough !

“I’m only 5ft tall so it’s all belly.”

The pregnant mum, who already has two kids, is currently at 39 weeks so shouldn’t have long before her baby arrives.

Many people were baffled that she was only having one baby judging on the size of her bump, with one asking: “Is it twins?”

Another said: “beautiful but u sure there’s only 1 in there?”

And some people even asked if it was “triplets”, with one going as far as to ask: “This is not quadruplets?!?”

Hayley replied to the queries clearing up the matter once and for all, saying: “No just one!!

“That’s enough.”

Some TikTok users wondered if her baby will be big when he is born.

One said: “I reckon he gunna be 10lbs11oz”, to which Hayley responded: “Damn I hope not.”

Unsurprisingly Hayley also confirmed that “some days are hard” with pregnancy, after one person said her bump looks “uncomfy.”

One social media user commented: “I’m 36 weeks and my belly is probably half the size of yours. I couldn’t imagine how you feel.”

Hayley confirmed she is only having one baby boy

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