‘My Newborn 12lb Baby Is Size Of Toddler – With Head As Big As A Melon’

Mum-of-two Ruby Eden was told that Teddie could weigh around 9lb when he was born, but after an emergency C-section it quickly emerged that the newborn was far heavier

Midwives were left gasping in shock at the size of a baby boy who came out built like a toddler.

Adding to his bulking frame, the 12lb giant sprog boasted a head “as big as a melon”.

Second-time mum Ruby Eden, 24, was told that newborn Teddie would weigh around 9lb when he was born, but that proved to be way off at birth.

Freddie tipped the hospital scales at a whopping 11lbs 13oz – and nearly broke the scales when he was place on them.

Ruby and husband Chris, 27, were forced to put Teddie straight into outfits for three-month-old babies as newborn clothes were too small.

Ruby, of Warrington, Cheshire, said: “I was extremely shocked when I saw Teddie for the first time.

“He was like a toddler – my husband saw him and just said ‘he’s a chunky boy’ as he was stunned.

“All the midwives gasped when they saw Teddie come out and I wished I had filmed my family members expressions when they met him for the first time.

“Everyone was just so shocked and confused as to why Teddie was such a big baby.

“I took a newborn size hat in for Teddie to wear at the hospital and there was just no chance it was going to fit his head.

Ruby gave birth to Teddie on August 1, 2022 at 5.45pm – eight days after her due date at Warrington Hospital.

Teddie was born with a condition called polyhydramnios which occurs when there is too much amniotic fluid around the baby during pregnancy.

He then spent time in and out of hospital at six-weeks-old and lost a lot of weight due to issues with his liver.

But now aged seven-months, Ruby and Chris say their son is a healthy happy baby who loves playing with his two-year-old sister Delilah-Rose.

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