My Triplets Were Born 7 Years Apart They Look Identical And Have An Unbreakable Bond

Standing amongst his siblings, 10-year-old Hugo is clearly the eldest of the bunch. But what might surprise you to learn is that the three youngsters are triplets.

Mum Helen Baker gave birth to twins Coco and Monty in August 2018 using the same fertilised eggs that brought Hugo into the world in 2011.

Dad Oliver, 41, and Helen went through ten gruelling rounds of IVF at a cost of £17,500, forcing them to sell their house in order to foot the bill.


But now the trio is so inseparable that they finish each other’s sentences, with former model Helen, 42, dubbing it an “unbreakable bond.”

Helen, from Southampton, Hampshire, says there are striking similarities between Monty and Hugo, 10, with both having identical dark eyes and h”Hugo has asked whether he is a triplet and he knows you have to have an egg to create a baby. He gets the gist of it.

Hugo was conceived on the couple’s ninth cycle and joined the world in February 2011 weighing 7lb 1.5oz.

Helen and electrician Oliver decided to freeze the unused embryos, so they could add to their family later.

And they welcomed Monty and Coco, three, into the family in August 2018.

Despite the age gap, the siblings are considered triplets as they were conceived at the same time, using the same batch of eggs and sperm.

The couple met in 2003, and started trying for a baby in 2006, but struggled to conceive.

Following inconclusive tests, Helen began IVF in 2008 but repeatedly found herself in hospital, and suffered a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy before Hugo was born.

In December 2017 Helen and Oliver decided to try again and began their final cycle of IVF, which Helen fell pregnant from.

She said they have identical dark eyes and hair and says the younger two growing up is like “going through a time machine”.

Helen said: “People say there’s an unbreakable bond between twins and triplets.

“I would say other kids Hugo’s age would find their brothers and sisters annoying.

“Initially, it seemed like I was only having one baby as the doctor only recognised one heartbeat when it came to the six-week scan.”

But at the eight-week check-up, doctors noticed a second smaller heartbeat in Helen’s womb – too small to say conclusively whether it was a second baby.

She added: “I wasn’t sure what was going on, and if something strange was happening to my baby.

“But by 12 weeks, the delightful news came that it was actually a second embryo.

“I was having twins and it was like a dream come true.”

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