One-In-A-Million Baby Girl Twins Defy The Odds When One Is Born Black And The Other White

Like many twins, they are dressed alike, right down to their pink and white bootees.

But Kendall and Baylee are no ordinary twins. They are one in a million.

An amazing quirk of genetics means that one sister has black skin and the other is white.

The effect is so striking that even their own father has said it is hard to believe that they are related.

And their mother, Rebecca Horton, said: ‘When they were born, we kept staring at both of them – we couldn’t believe it.

‘It was a lovely feeling and a big shock.

The little girls’ contrasting looks can be traced back to their parents.

Their father, Curtis Martin, is half-Jamaican, while their mother is white.

As non-identical twins, they were created when two eggs were fertilised by two sperm.

This means they have inherited different genes from their parents.

But, in odds of a million to one, Baylee has inherited a set of genes for white skin.

And Kendall’s genetic inheritance includes some genes that code for black skin, passed on from her mixed-race father.

The twins also have very different characters.

Kendall, who weighed 6lb 1oz when she was born three months ago, is very laid-back and likes nothing more than to sleep the day away.

In contrast, Baylee, who was slightly heavier at 6lb 5oz , is ‘loud and needy’ and loves attention.

Their mother, a 28-year-old delivery driver for Asda, said: ‘When people look in the pram and see that one is darker than the other, they will sometimes be a bit thrown and ask if they are twins.

They are shocked when we say yes.’

The couple, who also have a five-year-old son called Coby, knew from quite early on in the pregnancy that Rebecca was having twins.


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