Parents Of One In 200 Million Identical Triplet Boys Say It’s ” The Best, But Hardest Job”

The parents of “one in 200 million” identical triplet boys are reflecting on the “best, but hardest job” after they celebrated their sons’ first birthday.

Gina Dewdney and her husband Craig were shocked when doctors at Liverpool Women’s Hospital told them their naturally-conceived babies were such a rare occurrence.

Now Jimmy, Jenson and Jaxson are celebrating their milestone birthday.

Mum and dad say it is the “best, but hardest job” ever

Gina said: “They’ve gone through so much already in their tiny little lives so its going to be a big celebration for them and for us as well.

“Being a mum is the best job I’ve ever had. It’s the hardest job by far but I absolutely love it now, even through the lack of sleep and the hospital visits. It’s tough but I’m loving it, I really am.”

The boys spent six weeks on a neonatal intensive care unit before being allowed home.

“The consultant said in 25 years of scanning they’d never seen triplets, and they were all sharing one placenta which is super, super rare.”

The couple said they had now established a carefully planned routine.

“If they are even 20 minutes out of sync from one another, you’ll settle one down and then the other one will wake up and then that one could potentially wake up the baby that you’ve just put to sleep,” Craig said.

“Feeding time is interesting. I have to tidy away while Gina is feeding them or if Gina is spoon-feeding two of them I’ll go in with the other. It’s just learning how to work together with them”.


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