Parents’ Shock After Million To One Black And White Twins Are Born Looking Like They Are Different Races

A mum was left gobsmacked when she gave birth to million-to-one Black and white twins with completely different skin colours.

Chantelle Broughton, 29, said people often ask whether her children are actually her own, and the tots are so rare that genetics experts have estimated them at one in a million.

Chantelle welcomed son Ayon and daughter Azirah into the world back in April, with Ayon being born with green eyes and fair skin while Azirah has brown eyes and a much darker complexion.

Chantelle explained that although she looks white, she’s actually mixed race and has a Nigerian maternal grandad, whereas dad Ashton, also 29, is half Jamaican, half Scottish.

The mum-of-three revealed the twins didn’t look too different from each other at birth, but as the weeks went by, Azirah’s skin complexion started getting ‘darker and darker’.

She said the four-month-old twins now have ‘totally opposite’ personalities but are getting on well.

“Every few weeks friends and family still say they can’t believe it. Azirah is really laid back and chilled, whereas Ayon wants a lot more attention.”

Chantelle added: “He always wants to be rocked and is constantly babbling along. Azirah doesn’t do that very often.

“But I have noticed they are really staring at each other now and smiling more. I think they will stay like this. I think their hair will be different too.

 Azirah will have thick and curly hair and Ayon’s will be completely different. You can already feel the difference in texture.

 Chantelle also revealed the twins attract plenty of attention when they go out, and joked she imagines people think they have separate dads.

She quipped: “When you’ve got a twin pushchair people seem to notice you more anyway. I think people are gonna think I’ve had two different kids with two different dads.

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