People Were Expecting Babies But Ended Up Having “Old People” Instead

While every baby is cute and charming in their own way, some of them come out looking so old that you might mistakenly call them “Sir.”

No matter how wrinkly, dissatisfied or cranky these funny kids might look, there’s no denying that they are still adorable babies, capable of conquering any heart. And hey, being born is a tough enough job !

1. My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito


2. At 2 Days Old, My Daughter Has Perfected The “Are They Using My Driveway To Turn Around?”


3.  This Baby Looks Like An Old Irish Man


4.  A bit Tired

5. My Friend’s Baby Photo. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing


6. My Mom’s Persian Friend’s Baby


 7.  This Is What Newborn Norwegians Looks Like


8.  This Baby Is A Whole 7 Mins Old


9. Middle Aged 1 Month Old


10.  Instant Old Man When He’s Angry


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