Photos When A Birth Photographer Gives Birth

Having photographed births for many years, Monet’sMonet Moutrie’s work is nothing short of remarkable to behold, from images of contractions as they are happening to photographs of babies literally half-born to fresh-from-the-womb umbilical cord images.

But this time, Monet wasn’t behind the camera. Instead, she was the one giving birth.

Monet says the part of her birth story that had the most meaning for her was the part she didn’t expect and stood to learn the most from.


“Having seen so many births and having had such a quick labor with [my first child] Lucy, I anticipated that this second birth would be fast and easy. I felt strong throughout my pregnancy and I envisioned myself birthing my baby without much support from those around me.

Instead, I ended up on the bed with two midwives guiding me as my husband and best friend held my shaking legs up.”

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