Pregnant Mum Says Baby Bump Is So Huge People Think She’s Carrying Eight Babies

An expecting mum left viewers stunned when she showed off her massive baby bump online.

In one video, she cradled her belly at 27 weeks pregnant and announced: “I think he’s gonna be my biggest.”

Then in her more recent videos, the size of her baby bump grows significantly as she places one hand on top and the other at the bottom to give support.

“Everyone thinks I’m carrying more than one, but it’s just one big baby boy!” she said.

“I think he’s gonna be like 10lbs. My husband was 11lbs at birth.”

Renae is currently 37 weeks pregnant.

Since her videos went viral, many viewers have shared their thoughts on her huge bump.

One said: “Looks like a triplet to me. Are you sure you’ve having only one?”

Meanwhile, a people commented: “I swear you have like four twins in there.”

Some fellow mums gave support to Renae, with one saying: “Beautiful, I can’t wait to see your baby. Wishing you a safe labour and delivery.”

Another wrote: “I am 41 weeks tomorrow. I can’t cope anymore. You’re an inspiration.”

Renae insisted that she’s only carrying one child and that she doesn’t have polyhydramnios or extra fluid or gestational diabetes.


The mum said she only gained 35 pounds during her current pregnancy and said her her last boy came out weighing nine pounds and six ounces.

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