Pregnant Woman Shares The Reality Of Expecting Triplets By Baring Huge Bump

It’s no secret that being pregnant dramatically changes the way your body looks.

But one mum left viewers, and even a doctor, stunned by the reality of expecting triplets.

The woman shared a clip of her stomach at 35 weeks and two days along in her pregnancy.

Her stomach was so big that she could barely lift it to show just how huge it really is.

Surprisingly for some, her belly grew mostly outwards, forming an oblong shape.

Dr Michael Narvey reacted to the clip, praising her for her efforts.

“Thank you to all women for going through pregnancy.

“Whether singles, twins, triplets, doesn’t matter, I can’t tell you one thing for sure – men could not do this.”

A second wrote: “I only have one in my belly and sometimes that is enough.

“This lady is a superhero.”

Another raved: “My hips back and hips hurt just looking at this! Poor woman.”

Huge Bump

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