Scots Couple Welcome Adorable Triplets Then “Darkest And Most Difficult Time”

The couple, both 29, who live in Monifieth, Angus, had to cope with the “darkest and most difficult time” after their baby boy, William, died when his heart stopped beating during labour.

Lois, who grew up in Dundee, had to suffer the traumatic ordeal alone as the strict lockdown measures meant Craig was not allowed into the hospital.

But less than a year after William’s death, Lois gave birth to three healthy baby boys.

Archie, Oliver and Myles were born on March 9, in what doctors have described as a one in 42,000 chance.

Given the stillbirth before, Lois was given an early scan to check all was well.

This showed the couple were expecting twins – although there was something to indicate that there might be a third baby.

“Obviously, because of what happened with William, although we were delighted we were also very anxious,” Lois said.

“We went home and laughed and said imagine if there was a third one.

“Three weeks after that, just for peace of mind, we had another scan and this one definitely showed we were having triplets.

“According to one of the doctors it’s a one in 42,000 chance.”

The couple were anxious because doctors explained the triplets could share a placenta, making for a high-risk pregnancy. But a scan showed each triplet had its own placenta – the best possible scenario

After an anxiety-filled pregnancy and countless checks and scans, the non-identical triplet boys arrived at 32 weeks.

The boys were all healthy, with Archie Blair Mudie arriving first, weighing 3lb 11oz, Oliver Matthew Mudie coming less than a minute later, weighing 3lb 5oz, and Myles Gavin Mudie was born last, weighing 3lb 6oz.

The boys and Lois stayed in the neonatal unit at Ninewells for three weeks and then the family were allowed home, where Lois said the boys are all thriving.

“The boys are totally thriving and are keeping us very busy ”
“Our hearts are just bursting with love for our little family and we’re so lucky to have them.

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