See the cute, plump look of a newborn baby who usually weighs up to 5.2kg

The online community is spreading dizzy some photos of a newborn baby who has just been born weighing 5.2kg. It is worth mentioning that this baby with this huge weight is said to have been born by normal delivery, so many people are quite “shocked”. In addition, the baby’s chubby, chubby appearance, pink skin, and chubby cheeks also attract everyone’s attention.

According to research, this is a baby from Thailand posted by the Facebook account Panya Panya. According to known information, this is his first daughter, born at a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. And 5.2kg is exactly the weight of his daughter at birth.

Normally, newborn babies have an average body weight of about 2.5 to 4 kg. If the baby’s weight is less than 2.5kg, the baby is born prematurely or below the weight standard, if the baby is over 4kg, it is considered overweight.

The baby girl’s weight at birth shocked even the doctors at the hospital. Therefore, information about this girl has been published by many Thai newspapers. In addition, the pictures of the baby on the facebook page of the person who is believed to be his father posted have attracted tens of thousands of emotions, shares and are still spreading very quickly across social networks.

Anyone who sees her will surely admire her mother and give her special affection for her cuteness since birth. Looking at her limbs or even her chubby cheeks makes many people want to cuddle immediately.

Let’s take a look at some more cute pictures of this chubby girl with a huge weight.


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