She Gave Birth To Two Sets Of Twins In A Row Even Though She Was On The Pill

A single mother said it was a “miracle” that she had two sets of twins in a row by age 21 — despite being on birth control.

Now 22, Kaitlin Brooks remembers being ecstatic to learn she was expecting twins in March 2019. Following her sons’ — Denver and Dayton — first birthday, she received news that she was pregnant with twins a second time, even though she was taking a birth control pill.

She had two sets of twins by the age of 21. She had my first set at 19 and second at 21.  She releases two eggs during ovulation instead of just one.

She doctor told her that every time she get pregnant it will be twins because she drops two eggs every time” .

She feel that what’s happened is a miracle because for the longest time she didn’t think she could get pregnant although four kiddos might be enough.
“Knowing that if I fall pregnant again I’ll have multiples again is scary because I don’t see how I could do another set.”

Twins, she said, run in her family — her great-grandmother’s sisters had twins and triplets — but was still “shocked” when she discovered she would have twins, too.

In November 2020, when her first set of fraternal twins were only one year old, she found out she was pregnant again.

“It was a surprise again and another shock for me,” she said.

“I definitely didn’t think it was twins again. I found out that I was pregnant a little bit earlier on when I was three weeks and found out they were twins at six weeks.”

Brooks’ mom even assumed she was kidding about having another set of twins, Pierce and Piper, due to being on birth control.

When delivering “wild child” Denver and “shy” Dayton, Brooks suffered from postpartum preeclampsia and was admitted to the hospital for a week following the birth.

While she isn’t planning on having her tubes tied at such a young age, she’s considering becoming a surrogate, because “there’s a lot of moms out there that can’t carry their own.”

Although, she plans to wait until her own get a bit older.

She happy with her four that she has now .

“People are very shocked when I tell them that I’ve got two sets of twins because I’m only 22,” Brooks said.

“A lot of people are shocked and they’re like, ‘I don’t see how you do it?’ and I was like, ‘I don’t really have a choice you know, this is my life.’”


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