Some Of The Funniest Pictures Of Old Babies

So what if they just entered this world? They already look like their grandparents. Introducing, old babies.

These little fellas are perfectly healthy, they just appear to be decades older than what their birth certificate says.

1. My Brand New Old Man


2. 50 Years Or 2 Weeks, I Can’t Tell


3. The Greatest Surprise: Finding Out Your First Child Is A Boy


4. That Sad Sweet Baby Face Gets Me Every Time!!!


5. When My Baby Was One Month Old. He Was Very Judgy


6. A Grumpy Old Little Man




8. An Hour Old And He’s Already Regretting His Life Decisions



10.  We Told Ben He Looked Like His Grampy, He Didn’t See The Resemblance


11. 2 Months Old, Not A Wig


12. Little Old Man


13. I Feel Judged



14. This Baby Already Sick Of Everything


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