Some People Don’t Believe That They’re Twins, Meet England’s Biracial Twins

When Jade Ball gave birth to her sons, Cole and Klay, last April, they looked a little different, just like any other set of fraternal twins.

“It was obvious they weren’t identical,” Ball told.

As the months went by, their differences become more and more noticeable. Cole now has brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin like his half-Jamaican dad, while Klay has a head of blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion like his white mom.

The BBC reports that interracial couples expecting twins have a 1 in 500 chance that their children will be born with different skin colors.

The mom in Manchester, England, said that she and her partner, Kade, are constantly fielding questions about their little boys.

“Some people don’t believe that they’re twins,” she said. “They can’t get their heads around it because they look so different.”

Cole and Klay’s personalities are just as unique.

“Klay is the mischievous one and into absolutely everything. He likes to dance and climb, whereas Cole has always been happy to just sit back and watch and take it all in,” Ball revealed. But both enjoy having their photo taken.

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