The 13th daughter asked for more children, the 65-year-old teacher asked for sperm to give birth to 4 babies

According to obstetricians, the golden age of a woman’s childbearing is 20-35 years old. Pregnancy and childbirth after the age of 40 will be more difficult and also potentially more risky for both mother and baby. In particular, not only in terms of health but also life after giving birth at a very old age of the mother will also be difficult to avoid. That is also the reason why the mother below received a lot of criticism despite making the miracle of giving birth to 4 children at the age of 65.

German mother Annegret Raunigk (currently 72 years old) still holds the record for the oldest woman in the world to be pregnant with four and give birth successfully.

Annegret Raunigk is a retired primary school teacher, she had 13 children before but her 13th daughter frequently asked for more babies. So at the age of 65, she decided to ask for donor eggs and sperm for artificial insemination. In order to successfully perform this in vitro fertilization, the elderly mother had to go to a hospital in Ukraine to do it because it is illegal in Germany.

By the 21st week of pregnancy, during an ultrasound, Mrs. Annegret said she was “shocked” when the results showed that she was pregnant with 4. Annegret’s obstetrician-gynecologist initially mentioned the possibility of using the method. a “selective” method to abort one or more fetuses in a multiple pregnancy for fear that the pressures of old age will make the body unbearable. However, Mrs. Annegret refused.

4 babies including 3 boys and 1 girl named Dries. Neeta, Bence and Fjonn were born on 19/5/2015 at 26 weeks of pregnancy by caesarean section with weight from 0.6-0.9kg. and health is also quite weak. Two babies after birth had to use ventilators to help them breathe while the other two had to undergo serious surgery on the brain and intestines. However, after 1 year, 3 boys and 1 girl have been fighting against all diseases with completely normal health and weighing about 8kg.

She gave birth by caesarean section and the babies were born healthy.

The miraculous birth made Annegret Raunigk and her children quickly famous all over the world. However, along with that, the mother of many children also received many criticisms. Many grandmothers are too selfish and reckless to choose to keep all 4 pregnancies, which is no different from putting both themselves and their children in danger. In addition, having many children will also make it more difficult for her and the children may not be taken care of.

Responding to these criticisms, Annegret Raunigk said: ” Everyone should live as we want. It’s not my case that I’m selfish because I like kids and they make me feel younger. I find that my body can still support 4 children in my belly and now I spend a lot of time taking care of and observing them. I am also taking good care of the children.”

Because of these criticisms, after the photos at the age of 1, Annegret Raunigk decided not to share any more family pictures on the media or social networks. By now, the quartet is 7 years old and is in elementary school. Mrs. Annegret said she and her children are living a stable and happy life. Although she has a hard time having a small child at the age of 70, she has received a lot of help from relatives and older children, so she is still doing well.


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