The Black And White Twins: 10-Month-Old Girls Who Beat One Million Odds To Be Born With Different Skin Colours

One is black and has big brown eyes; the other is blue-eyed with light hair and fair skin. These are the one in a million sisters who turn heads wherever they go – and not just because of their adorable smiles.

Despite being born just two minutes apart, twins Myla and Anaya couldn’t look less alike.

Anaya, with her fair complexion and light eyes, is the spitting image of her white mother Hannah Yarker, while dark-skinned Myla has taken after her mixed-race father Kyle Armstrong.

Ms Yarker said strangers are fascinated by their contrasting looks and are unable to believe the two girls are even related, let alone twins.

The 20-year-old, from Sale, Greater Manchester, said she spends most of her time explaining to inquisitive people that she is the girls’ mother and that they are in fact twins.

She said: ‘Kyle is mixed-race and I’m white, so from the word go, our friends joked: “What would you do if one came out dark and the other was fair?”

‘I can’t walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped. People always comment: “Are they both yours?”, “are they sisters”, “are they related?”.’

The non-identical twins were born with Anaya weighing 5lbs 9oz and Myla tipping the scales at 6lbs 5oz.

It took a while for Ms Yarker to notice the twins were different. Nearly one year one, their different skin tones are even more pronounced.

She said: ‘At first, both the girls had a purple tone to their skin, but they looked darker so I assumed they’d both taken after Kyle.

‘But after two weeks, it was clear Myla takes after her dad with dark skin, brown eyes and brunette locks, while Anaya is more of a mummy’s girl with a pale complexion, fair hair and light eyes.

‘We couldn’t believe it. Kyle and I told all of our relatives and friends: “We’ve got one of each”.’

Ms Yarker said: ‘As well as looking different Anaya and Myla are already developing their own personalities.

‘Myla is always on the move she’s already crawling, although backwards, while Anaya’s more laid back. We can’t believe they’re twins – they’ve got the same birthday and the same mum and dad but they’re just complete opposites in every way.’

The rare occurrence is said to have a ‘million to one’ chance of happening.

As non-identical twins, they developed in separate amniotic sacs and took differing genes from each parent. The coding that affects skin colour, by chance, was clearly different in each twin.


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