The cute black-spotted angel captures the hearts of many

When Harper King was born, her loving parents Ebony and Jamie admit they were “speechless” when they saw the huge birthmark covering most of her face.

While she was beautiful, they were worried about how she would be treated as she was older.

Little Harper was born with a 1 in 20,000 birthmark across the left side of her face and her nose.

Despite their initial concerns, her parents turned down the offer of surgery to allow her to make the decision for herself when she’s older – saying it “makes her even more beautiful”.

“But to us, it’s just a part of her and we can’t ever imagine her without it.

“Her older siblings call it her ‘special mark’ and that is exactly how we see it too; Harper is special. She is even more beautiful with her birthmark and we will make sure we tell her that every day.”

Ebony and Jamie, 34, met in 2016 and have a son, Harley, aged three. Jamie also has an older daughter, Hollie, nine, from a previous relationship.

Harper joined their little family in September 2020, weighing 8lbs 4ozs

Her family from New South Wales, Australia, have spoken of their joy after crowdfunding has allowed them to schedule Ruby’s first operation for 12 January.

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