The Happiness Of Family After Receiving Various Treatments For This Condition Was Able To Conceive Naturally

Tatiana gave birth to triplet girls on July 23 at Westmead Hospital and said she looks and feels fabulous.

“I found out on my 36th birthday that I was having triplets in January,” Mrs Jones said.

“I suspected I was having twins but wasn’t expecting triplets … I then thought I need a bigger house.

“When I told Neil initially he was in shock and like me couldn’t think for the rest of the day … we couldn’t believe it but were extremely happy!”

Tatiana has a medical condition which can lead to infertility however after receiving various treatments for this condition was able to conceive naturally.

The triplets have been named Anastasia, Leilani and Indy.

The premature girls will remain in hospital for a couple of months to develop.

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