The Most Powerful Fatherhood Moments – Love Dad

Adorable images and stories about dads, their love and their impact on the little ones.

The idea behind the account is not only to showcase the beauty of fatherly love, but also to encourage all fathers to be involved in the lives of kids from a really young age. “I don’t babysit, I parent.” And this is exactly what every one of these amazing men does.

  1. Because Dads Are Born Too, And Magic Happens In That Moment

Because Dads Are Born Too, And Magic Happens In That Moment

2. Unconditional Love. You Just Don’t Know Until You Become A Parent. It’s Incredible! You Are Capable. You Are Enough. You Are Their Everything

3. Husband And Dad Goals. He’s The Real Deal… Just Let This All Soak In. Vacuuming, Baby Wearing, Holding Needy Toddler… Beard

4. If Everyone Is Getting Sleep, We Don’t Judge How It Gets Done Because Sleep Is Everything

5. Snuggly Love

6. This Is A Story About A Mom And A Dad Who Went Through Loss And Persistence To Get Their Baby

7. He’s A Hardworking Dad Of Twins Boys

8. Mini-me Status On Point

9. This May Be The Sweetest Cradle Hold We Have Ever Seen

10. The Feeling When You Hold Your First Daughter For The Very First Time

11. Just Wow. What A Moment For This New Dad, For Mom, And For The Doctor. This Is What Birth Without Fear Is All About. Options, Support, Respect

12. Daddy-ing Like A Boss

13. It’s Hard To Believe These Tiny Hands Will One Day Grow To Be Nearly As Big As Mine

14. Wow. Hours Old And Already Lifting Her Head Up High To Get A Good Look At Her Daddy!

15. Sending Y’all Big Doses Of Oxytocin Today!

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