The Twins Have Different Skin Colors With One Having Dark Skin And The Other With Very Curly Black Hair

Would you believe that a black Nigerian couple gave birth to twins with completely different skin colors?

This is the story of Stacy and Babajide Omirin, a couple from Lagos in Nigeria. They are mother and father to a beautiful little girl who is now five years old and is named Demilade.

She has a black complexion, exactly like that of her two parents. However, the couple never foresaw having twins – twins, named Daniel and David, and with one of them having physical features completely different to those of his family.

Daniel like his five-year-old sister Demilade, has dark skin and very curly black hair, but David has ash blonde curls and very pale skin.

The fact is that neither parent is light or white-skinned: “We didn’t know about the differences between the twins while I was pregnant. The scan didn’t show this, so it was a big surprise at the time of delivery and it was most surprising thing when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and second twin (David) came out with golden hair. I had the twins by Caesarean section and the doctors stated, “It looks like you gave birth to twins who are not exactly identical.”

David was born with a rare form of oculocutaneous albinism, which is the cause of his pale skin and golden hair.

Despite having albinism in the family, mother Stacy says she has never received negative comments about her “different” twins, and neither have they been bullied or harmed: “I don’t care what color their skin is because they are my babies. What is most important is that I always have my kids with me! ”

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