The Woman Pregnant With ‘Spontaneous’ Triplets She Look Like ‘A Mansion’

When American mom Brittany found out she was having triplets, she was more than a little surprised.

Brittany wasn’t expecting much when she found out.

Already having one son, the “spontaneous” pregnancy was conceived naturally.

Little did she know how much her pregnant physique would turn heads

Finding out that her family of three would soon be six, she was “shocked” by the news.

“Going from one kid to four was never planned or expected, but I can’t wait to meet my sweet angels,” she revealed.

Sharing her changing physique over the course of the pregnancy on TikTok, her bump kept getting larger and larger.

“It’s a lot bigger this go around,” the mom laughed as she compared her enormous bump to her first pregnancy.

When asked about the struggles of being pregnant with triplets, Brittany explained that the differences weren’t too extreme from giving birth to a “singleton.”

“Triplets are very high risk,” she explained, meaning she had to get ultrasounds twice a week towards the end of her final trimester.

Brittany gave birth to the three babies in late April — Andee, Georgia and Theodore.

“They are all three healthy and doing wonderful,” she said.

“Triplets are in the NICU on CPAP but no oxygen supplementation.”

As her belly continued to grow, supporters commented how large she was getting.

“This looks so painful,” one shocked person said.

“I didn’t know a stomach could stretch that big,” another exclaimed.

“I can’t even imagine the back pain,” a person shared.

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