This Girl Was Born With An Identical Streak Of White Hair As Her Mother, And The Mom Teaches Her To Embrace It

When Talyta Aziz gave birth to her daughter Mayah, she noticed that the little girl was born with the same genetic condition as her – piebaldism. It appears as a white streak in the middle of her hair, and the mother is teaching her daughter to embrace it, instead of being ashamed of it.

As Mayah was growing up, Talyta organized all sorts of themed photoshoots with her daughter, and people absolutely fell in love with the little girl’s unique looks. Check out some adorable photos of this little girl and her mother in the gallery below!

Talyta said that becoming pregnant at the age of 40 was quite a surprise for her. Nevertheless, the family really wanted the baby, and felt really excited.

“A few days after the discovery, the malaise came and it intensified to the point of not leaving home anymore, I stopped studying, working, I was hospitalized,” explained Talyta. “My husband did everything at home besides working, because the bills, the visas, kept coming. I found out I had hyperemesis. It was the worst phase of my life and I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy as I wanted. I was very sad about that.”

“Mayah was born at 54 cm, 4.25 kg and with the most beautiful hairstyle in the world and since that day, everything has blossomed. Still in the delivery room, I heard people saying ‘wow, she was born with lights,’ ‘what a fashion baby,’ and I kept saying: let me see, let me see. When I took that mini in my arms, everything blossomed! She was healthy, hairy, and beautiful.”

Talyta says she suffered a lot of bullying because of her looks. “I spent all my childhood and adolescence hiding behind clothes and makeup. Around my early 20s, I realized that I was unique. That it made me special,” explained the woman.

Talyta says that ever since Mayah was born, she carried a wave of love wherever she goes. “The same characteristic that caused me pain causes tenderness. What makes me happier with all this is that she is an instrument to share love, tenderness, and that being different is cool,” said the mother.

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