This Mom Is Giving Birth To Twins For The Fifth Time Straight And Girls Again

The oldest of Nadine Robertson’s five children, Isla, is only four years old. Robertson, 24, currently has five children under the age of five.

On the same day as their older sister, twins Olivia and Ivy were born in 2018, while babies Cody and Hazel were just born ten weeks ago. Naturally carrying both sets of twins, Nadine admits, «I simply wing it every day.» When I awake, I pray that the others will be cheerful and willing to assist me. Although it’s insane, I love it. Since neither Nadine nor her husband Phil come from a family of twins, they are unable to explain the situation.

Nadine, a resident of Doncaster, claims that whenever she leaves the house, people stop her on the street. They always make a comment as soon as they notice that I am carrying the other two little children while there are two babies in the pram.

Each set of twins shares a room in the family’s four-bedroom house with Nadine’s brood, while Isla has a room to herself.

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