Tips On Raising Twins And Triplets And More From Real Moms Of Multiples

Being a mom of multiples comes with its share of highs and lows. You get twice the love and laughter but also twice the work. Tending to two kids of the same age is no easy task, and moms of multiples will take all the help and advice they can get.

Here, tips from our readers that make raising twins, triplets, and more a little bit easier.

“Try to have baby/kid need stations on each floor, if you have a multiple floored home . . . This is especially helpful for when you are alone with the kids — you don’t want to leave two kids alone to run upstairs to get diaper, wipes, lotion, band aids, etc.” — Erica S.

“My husband travels frequently, so I’m by myself a lot. But when he is home, we alternate nights for who has to get up. That way you do get a full night’s sleep every other night.” — Kimberly S.

“Set up play dates as much as you can. Busy children are easy to take care of.” — Christina O.

“I always did things at the same time (feeding, bathing, etc.). If one woke up in the middle of the night, I’d wake the other one up too.” — Sharon N.

“Pick a pediatrician that listens. My kids doctor told me, ‘You are the mom. If you say something isn’t right, then something isn’t right. You are the one caring for them.'” — Jessica C.

“Put the babies in their car seats and feed them both at the same time. Take little breaks and burp like normal, but is huge time saver and helpful if alone.” — Cheryl H.

“Don’t forget each child is their own person. Just because they are twins doesn’t mean they will like everything the same.” — Victoria B.

“Give them ten minutes a day of ‘special’ time with mom. They pick what they want to do with me, and the rest have to wait their turn. [It’s] a great way for everyone to feel special every day.” — Kerry H.

“Realize how blessed you are every day.” — Kathryn A.

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