Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

The appearance of little angels is the happiness of the whole family. But how do you get a nightly nap when your baby has a sleep disorder? But how is she supposed to have a long nightly nap when her baby has a disturbed sleep?

As a mother you can bear with it for some time but waking up groggy eyed every morning does not help you to take up the role of an efficient care giver.

We have compiled a list of tips for new mothers that are weird but totally worth a try!


Warm the Crib

Many a times its the crib that causes your baby to cry. It could be due to temperature difference your little one feels between your arms and the crib. Since doctors discourage the use of blankets for an year, swaddling a baby is a great option. You could also place a warm towel on the crib to maintain the temperature. But make sure you remove it before putting your baby in the crib!

The baby’s bedroom must be clean and dust-free

Many babies face congestion at night which disturbs their sleep. The babies use their pretty noses to breathe and don’t switch to mouth so when they have a blocked nose they get irritable.

Keeping the room dust free will help reduce their inflammation and thus help them sleep better.

So clean the house regularly and keep your baby away from dust attracting animals as well!

Switch Between Parents

If you have a bedtime routine where the baby is put to bed by the mother only try creating a change here. Mothers spend more time with the little babies and its only fair to let dads take over the bedtime rituals sometimes. The benefit of this slight change is that the kid will not get irritable when put to bed by dad on days his mother is busy with other chores. It also allows a better father child bonding!

Use Varied Ways

Keep switching between your ways of soothing your child. Sometimes rock him in the cradle, at other times swing him in your arms. Use many varied ways and keep switching from one to the other on different nights. This way the baby won;t develop a habit or need for a particular way of soothing. The kid will sleep easily with any of your techniques without crying much!


Change Bedtime

Try shifting the bedtime to half an hour earlier or later to test the result. Chances are that your baby will sleep easily when put to bed at a time that suites him best!

Daytime Mellowing  


Babies can also feel the same. When a baby is not having a good day he often has trouble sleeping at night. Has it ever happened to you that a bad day was followed by a bad night?

So try to comfort your baby as much as you can during the day to ease his nights. You could hug him, swing and rock him, cuddle and soothe him during the day and he will sleep well at night!

Let’s try these tips to put your baby to bed and wake up to a smiling baby who will make your day a great one !

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