Tips to Take Care of Your 7-Week-Old Baby

Babies grow rapidly in the first few weeks after birth, and by the time your little one is 7 weeks old, you will find a remarkable change in him. Your baby may have gained approximately 200 grams weight per week, and thus your 7-week-old baby weight may have increased by 2 to 3 pounds.

However, if your baby has gained lesser or more weight than this, there is no reason to feel stressed as every baby’s growth spurt may vary.

It is a good time to begin talking, singing and humming to your baby. Though he may not understand any of it, his brain will start making sense of things around.

You will notice that your baby’s eyes are changing too.

He will start making eye contact – he may even start tracking objects.

Tips to Take Care of Your 7-Week-Old Baby

Here are some care tips for your 7-week-old baby:

    • Your baby is growing at a faster pace and may demand feeding sessions than before. Meet your baby’s demand by offering him to feed as and when you see signs of hunger in him.
    • Your baby may sleep for up to 6 hours at night, make sure he is well-fed and sleeps in a safe and clean environment. Make sure you do not cover his face while he is sleeping.
    • Daily tummy time will help your baby develop his neck and back muscles. Ensure that he gets tummy time daily under your supervision.
    • Change your baby’s diaper regularly as babies are prone to having diaper rash. Keep his groin area dry and clean.
    • In order to refrain your baby from throwing up, feed at regular intervals, keep your baby calm and offer a little amount of milk or formula at each time. But if breast milk is sufficient for your baby, you don’t need to formula feed him.
    • Do not jolt or shake your baby as it may cause permanent damage to his brain.
    • It is recommended that you talk to your baby. Your 7-week-old fussy baby may feel comforted and it will also help in developing his listening skills.
    • After every meal burp your baby to help release the stomach gases.
    • Refrain from consuming alcohol and smoking until the time you are breastfeeding your baby.
    • Stick to your baby’s feed and sleep schedule to avoid any unnecessary fussiness and crankiness.
    • Get all the necessary check-ups and vaccinations required for your 7-week-old baby. We shall talk about these a little in detail below.

Check-Ups for 7-Week-Old Babies

When you take your 7-week-old baby for the routine check-up, your doctor may carry out the following steps:

    • Check your baby’s head and his fontanel.
    • Test his ears to see how your baby responds to the sound and also to check for infections.
    • Check your baby’s eyes for blocked tear ductsor to see if there is any congenital eye problem.
    • Your doctor will check your baby’s mouth for thrush or any other infections in the mouth.
    • Your doctor will examine your baby’s heart and lungs to check for any abnormality in the breathing or the heart.
    • Move your baby’s legs and hip joints to check flexibility.
    • Check the muscles for reflexes and examine the skin for rashes.
    • Check your baby’s genitals for any rash or infection.

When to Consult a Paediatrician

Every baby may achieve the above-mentioned milestones at his own pace. However, sometimes there may be developmental issues and other health complications that might require immediate medical attention. Here are some symptoms that could indicate the need for immediate medical attention for your 7-week-old baby:

    • Your baby doesn’t respond or react to loud noises.
    • Your baby is not alert at hearing various sounds.
    • Your baby is unable to lift up his head while lying down.
    • Your baby does not recognise you, your spouse or the peoplehe sees on a daily basis.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, check with your doctor immediately.

Close attention to the little changes in your 7-week-old baby can help you keep him away from major health complications.

Every milestone is important in your baby’s life.

Wishing you and your family good health !!!

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