Twin Mum-To-Be Leaves People Flabbergasted With Her Enormous Bump

A pregnant mum is growing so sick of her massive bump that she’s threatened to pull the twins out herself if they don’t arrive soon.

In one, she was enjoying an iced beverage while showing off her huge stomach in a cropped top and joggers.

Over the top, she’d written: “Mummy is ready to meet her babies like yesterday.”

People were quick to comment, with many insisting they don’t know how Kristen is coping with such a big bump.

She’s due to welcome twins into the world any day now

“I can barely breathe with one, how are you breathing right now?” one wrote.

To which Kristen replied: “Ya I don’t leave my couch.

“Every day I say I’m gonna go for a walk and I never do lmao.”

“I’m 23 weeks with twins and as beautiful as this is it also terrifies me,” another wrote.

Kristen has been sharing videos of herself on TikTok to show off her bump

While someone else said: “As a twin i’m now on my way to apologise to my mum.”

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