Twins Who Married Twins Are ‘Excited’ To Introduce Husbands To Their Mom’s Family On Easter

The Salyers twins are in what’s known as a ‘quaternary marriage’ — and all live together in Virginia with their sons, whom they are raising together

When identical twins Brittany and Briana Salyers were growing up in Delaware, Easter often meant the entire family trekking to a cousin’s ranch in rural Virginia for a giant family celebration with scores of relatives from their mom’s side.

The last time they attended was in 2016, before they met identical twin brothers, Josh and Jeremy, now 39, at the 2017 Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, where they returned a year later to marry in a joint ceremony.

And it was also before they welcomed sons Jett (born to Brittany and Josh, who announced the birth in January 2021) and Jax (born to Briana and Jeremy approximately four months later).

Now, Briana and Brittany are making their return, this time with their husbands and kids in tow.

Twins Who Married Twins and Gave Birth to Genetic Siblings Say Their ‘Quaternary Marriage’ Is ‘Magical’

The boys are cousins but more genetically similar to siblings — and considered quaternary twins — because their parents are identical twins married to identical twins (a rarity called the “quaternary marriage).

Jett and Jax are often dressed alike, like their parents, and on Easter they will be wearing matching outfits of pink khaki shorts as well as blue short-sleeved shirts and vests.

“We do everything as a family, we’re really inseparable,” Briana say. “It’s like this magical existence.”

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