Twins Who Were Born At The 24-Week Abortion Limit

Twins who were born at the 24-week abortion limit and were so tiny they fit in their mother’s hands defy the odds to become thriving toddlers


Premature twin boys who were born on the abortion limit, weighing just over 1lb each, have defied the odds after doctors told their parents to prepare for the worst.

Luci Hall and Joseph Barker, both 26, were terrified when their sons Charlie and Harvey Barker were born at just 24 weeks in May, weighing 1lb 6oz and 1lb 4oz, respectively.

‘Harvey and Charlie are proof that a baby born at 24 weeks can survive. They are both little fighters, they proved everyone wrong’.

Speaking of the birth, Ms Hall said: ‘When I went into labour, Joseph and I just weren’t prepared at all. It all happened so quickly.

‘When they were born they were both rushed straight to intensive care, I didn’t get to hold them or see them. Joseph just got to quickly take two photos.

‘We got to see them three hours later and that’s when it really hit us. They were so tiny, you can’t even imagine a baby that small. It was really frightening.’

‘People think of premature babies in incubators but it’s not just that, it’s the incubator and oxygen machines and wires and head scans and eye scans.

‘Charlie and Harvey had seven blood transfusions each, they both had bronchiolitis. They have been through so much.

‘They are both little fighters, they proved everyone wrong.’

‘After everything we’ve been through, it is incredible for us to have our family at home and to be able to spend time together and enjoy it.’

Speaking of her sons’ progress, Ms Hall said: ‘Every day Joseph and I are shocked and amazed by how incredibly they’re both doing.


‘I am the proudest mum in the world and everything we’ve had to go through just makes me appreciate my boys so much more.

‘Seeing how well they’ve done does make you think about the abortion limit. I’d never even considered it before, I just accepted it.

‘My whole pregnancy was a nightmare’

The couple, who have been together for almost five years, discovered they were expecting a baby when Ms Hall was six weeks pregnant, with the 12-week scan revealing it was twins.

Throughout her pregnancy, Ms Hall was forced to have weekly ultrasounds due to the babies having a rare condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion, which causes uneven blood flow and meant Charlie was getting more nutrition than his brother.

After coming to terms with that diagnosis, things took a turn for the worst when Ms Hall’s waters broke at just 20 weeks. She was rushed to hospital but did not give birth until four weeks later on May 21.

Charlie and Harvey spent four-and-a-half months in hospital undergoing countless tests, scans and transfusions while their ‘helpless’ parents longed for the day they could finally take them home.

Harvey spent ‘the first year of his life’ in hospital

The brothers were finally discharged on September 24, however, Harvey had to be readmitted on October 31.

Ms Hall said: ‘When we took them home we thought all of that was finally over but on Halloween Harvey went downhill really quickly.


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