Two Identical Twin Boys Were Born At 37 Weeks

Let’s review the journey of giving birth to two identical children of Rio and Sol. This mother gave birth to twins. Let’s take a look at this mother’s baby birth story.

The lead doctor delivering me told me not to be scared, it was time to focus and get these babies delivered. The midwives were all like, “It’s okay to feel this way! It’s a lot!” which made me calm down because I giggled a bit – I was always the one on the sports team that wanted to be yelled at – I like tough love and being yelled at as a motivator. All I could focus on was the doctor and he just said, “Are you ready to push?” Honestly, all I could think about was getting those babies out – I was going to be push my absolute hardest and visualize those babies coming right out of me, safely.

Prenatal exercise

Within a few minutes, Baby A was out and screaming. I heard Lu next to me (who was holding a leg), “Oh my gosh, that’s incredible.” And I opened my eyes and there he was – Rio, crying loud and clear. They put him right on my chest, which I was so grateful for (another thing I wasn’t sure I’d get to do – immediate skin-to-skin.) The doctors and nurses and midwives were cheering me and singing my praises, saying things like, “I can’t believe how quickly you just pushed that baby out!”

And that’s when I heard the doctor say, “Are you ready to push again?” and at the same time, I felt that urge again and without even thinking about it, I put my arms around Rio, held him to my chest with my chin on his little head, and I push the hardest I’ve ever pushed in my life – I knew that Baby B could flip, I’d need an emergency C-section or worse, placental abruption could happen where the placenta detaches too soon from the uterine walls and suffocates Baby B. I wanted this birth and I was going to have these babies, so I bore down and I pushed and heard, “Oh my gosh, the head!” and then I took one last huge breath in and with all of my might, I pushed for 10 seconds, closing my eyes, holding onto Rio, and saying to myself, “your brother’s coming right behind you!” and after 2 pushes, Sol was born.

Sol was crying too and they put him right on my chest, next to Rio. They both were crying on me, their little arms and legs intertwined on me. Lu just kept saying, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this!” and we just stared at our little baby boys on my chest, as the doctors and nurses sang my praises. In 10 minutes, I vaginally delivered two babies, born three minutes apart – Rio Alan at 7:35pm and Sol Rigo at 7:38pm. Rio weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces, while Sol weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces. Both mighty, both absolutely perfect.

While still in the operating room, they sewed me up (luckily, since the babies were much smaller than any of my other children, I had very minimal tearing so that postpartum recovery has been a breeze!) while they just double checked to make sure the babies were okay. Rio was pretty white, which terrified me at first, but his oxygen was operating at 100%, so it was just the way he was. Sol was very red, which worried me also, but again, they passed all of their tests and were stable, requiring no intervention.

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