Twins Born With Different Skin Colours

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don’t Believe They Have the Same Dad

Mixed-race mother whose partner is half-Jamaican is left shocked after having twins with completely different skin tones – and reveals people question if they are both really her children.

When 29-year-old Leaetta Harris gave birth to twin sons with different skin colors, she faced scrutiny from people, including family members. The mum says she is regularly asked “are they both yours?” after giving birth to Twins Born With Different Skin Colours. People did not believe they had the same dad. Find out what happened.

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don't Believe They Have the Same Dad
Auxiliary nurse Chantelle Broughton, 29, from Nottingham, gave birth to Ayon and Azirah in April

Makai and Ellion Crane were born in 2020. They arrived as twins but not just any kind of twins. Makai was born with dark skin with curly black hair; the newborn also had dark brown eyes. On the other hand, Crane was almost bald and had blonde locks with white skin. Also, he initially had gray eyes after his birth.

Makai and Ellion’s parents, mom Leaetta Harris, and dad Lamba Crane, are of mixed heritage. Harris, 29, was of white and Black ancestry, while Lamba was born in Gabon to a white American father and a Black African mother.

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don't Believe They Have the Same Dad
Chantelle believes Azirah (left) has a darker complexion because her maternal grandfather is Nigerian and the twins’ father Ashton is half Jamaican


After welcoming their sons, Harris and Lamba were most surprised. Harris told reporters that her twins looked entirely different racially and revealed that strangers were always curious about the the brothers’ relationship; they get shocked when they find out the brothers are twins. The scrutiny Harris received was not just from outsiders alone. Even extended family members questioned the twins’ paternity. “Some extended family have made joking comments asking if they really have the same dad, which they do.” she said.


While it is easy to speculate over Makai and Ellion’s paternity because of their diverse skin color, one must not take away the fact that the boys are unique.

Their mom understands this. Harris confessed that she has never seen twins looking like they were of different racial background after being born to mixed-race parents; she noted they think their kids are rare. Harris added that they were very proud to have created such different babies.

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don't Believe They Have the Same Dad
The twins, who were born in April, have an incredibly close bond despite being so different


Makai and Ellion are dichorionic diamniotic twins, also called “di/di” twins. This means the boys shared the same womb during pregnancy but had different sacs and placentas. Harris delivered them via C-section. Makai’s first to come out, while his brother arrived four minutes later.

Although the boys came from the same womb, they have different personalities, which their mom already noticed. “Makai is more outspoken and emotional while Ellion is more laid back and independent.”

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don't Believe They Have the Same Dad
Chantelle said the twins not only look different, but also have totally different personalities


When Harris and Lamba’s twins arrived, they were astonished. Harris revealed she and her partner, who has a son from a previous relationship, do not have twins running in their families, and their boys were conceived naturally. She said they expected their babies to have their skin colors since they are both mixed. Hence, when they arrived with different skin colors, Lamba was skeptical at first and wondered how possible it was. Since Makai and Ellion’s arrival, they have become social media sensations as their mom regularly posts their photos on Instagram. Harris wants to show people that families come in multiple colors.

Unique Twins Born With Different Skin Colours, People Don't Believe They Have the Same Dad
Chantelle claimed people ask her if the twins are really hers when she takes them out in the pram


Harris revealed she and Lamba faced racism in their lives. Thus, she expects their sons would face tough questions and comments about their skin color. The proud mom plans to teach her boys about racism and prepare them ahead of any situation in the future. She said “We absolutely have to teach the babies about racism in the world they live in. There’s just no need for racism – skin can be any colour and it should not matter.”

Harris said Lamba was born in Africa as a half-white child and experienced things most kids do not go through. She disclosed that he experienced racism from Africans and Caucasians and believes it is essential they teach their sons about the subject.

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