Woman, 23, Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins But Left In Tears When She Saw The Ultrasound

As her belly bump grew, Alexandra thought she was pregnant with twins but realized months later that she was pregnant with more than one baby. She and her boyfriend were unprepared to have more than a child, so the news sparked an emotional moment. The couple wasn’t wealthy but were prepared for a larger-than-expected family expansion.

Within the nine months, standing and walking was perfect for Alexandra, but it became impossible when her belly grew to 30kilos – twice as heavy as a typical pregnancy belly at 40 weeks. She reportedly revealed that it was tough carrying such a colossal belly everywhere. She couldn’t tell how many times bigger her stomach would get during this time, yet she stayed positive.

Alexandra’s first ultrasounds were difficult for the doctors to read, and due to the size of her belly, she and her BF purchased a second crib for the baby without hesitation. As the day of the birth approached, the couple decided to have a clear picture of what was going in Alexandra’s stomach. They made one more attempt, and a shocking truth was revealed.

She was pregnant with no less than five babies! But it turned out that wasn’t all. Delivery would happen by Caesarean Section as it’s pretty impossible to give birth to many fully grown babies in a natural way. Before the planned CS, Alexandra changed her mind and didn’t go under the knife. Her mom and grandma delivered their kids naturally, so she did the same thing.

Expectedly, doctors strongly advised her against her choice, but Alexandra was sure of her decision. The delivery began at exactly 14:00, and she was given Pitocin to get started. Over 40 doctors were present to monitor the health of the mom and children, but they looked at the screen in panic when they saw that the first child was lying in breach. The leading doctor manually intervened to put the fragile child back in a normal position.

It was quite a complex task as the baby’s brothers and sisters exerted pressure on the already tense abdomen. The doctors moved his hand and carefully twisted the baby’s body. Thankfully, her first son was born 18:34 despite a difficult start. It then took over 1.5hours before her 2nd child was ready to see the world. And just after 1hour and 42minutes, the doctors called out: “NOW PUSH!!!”

And of course, she did it!! Alexandra has since become the only woman ever to give birth to quintuplets without a C-section, and indeed all of her five children survived the birth. However, it has now been two years since Alexandra and her partner welcomed their quintuplets, and it’s pretty safe to say she’s still the only person who has ever given birth to 5 children without the help of an epidural IVF or other fertility treatments.

On the other hand, this wasn’t Alexandra’s first pregnancy. She had welcomed a son a few years earlier and had dreamt of having another child. One more baby, according to Alexandra, would complete their family. She and her BF had been overjoyed when they found out Alexandra was pregnant again [with quintuplets] as the two had big dreams for their perfect family.


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