Woman, 70, Gives Birth To First Child After 54 Years Of Marriage And Trying For Decades

A couple in India has managed to have their first child after 54 years of marriage without success. Chandravati and Gopichand relied on IVF to have their first child at a combined age of 145

A pensioner has given birth to her first child after she has been married for 54 years.

Chandravati, from Rajasthan, India, gave birth to a 7lb 7oz baby earlier this week.

Now 70, Chandravati and her husband welcomed their first child after a successful round of in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

They had been trying for a child since 1968.

Overjoyed father Gopichand, 75, said: “Tears of happiness have come out of Chandravati’s eyes time and time again.

“Now, [IVF babies] have to become equal to everyone in the world.”

Gopichand was shot in the leg as a soldier, leading to a reported injury that made it difficult for the couple to have children.

The couple tried for five decades to conceive and visited doctors regularly.

They managed to conceive on their third round of  IVF.

Despite being delighted they were finally able to conceive, they admit to having some reservations about having a baby at such an unusual age.

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