Woman Gives Birth 24 Hours After Discovering She Is Pregnant

A 25-year-old woman, Molly Gilbert, from Trowell, Nottinghamshire, was startled to learn that she was pregnant, completely unaware of what was to follow 24 hours later.
On September 7, Gilbert, who said that she had “no symptoms at all, no sickness or anything”, discovered that she was pregnant and the following day went into labour, giving birth to her baby, Beau, on September 9.

Reportedly, Molly had been visiting a doctor at the Royal Derby Hospital for the past few months as she did not feel in her element.
She said “I’ve been going back and forth to the doctor since the end of March as my weight has been really up and down, it has been for years, but it was noticeably different these last few months.
“I was being tested for lymphedema and lipoedema because they just thought it was water retention or something like that.
“They checked diabetes and thyroids and things like that but said it wasn’t that.

“Then it was a bit of a ‘we don’t really know what’s wrong with you so we’ll just have to leave it situation’, so I was just really trying to say that there is definitely something wrong with me, I don’t feel right,” she said further.
On September 5, the operations support worker underwent several tests that suggested she had low iron and a problem with her liver.
She said: “I was like well at least I’ve got kind of an answer to what’s going on, but then an hour later they rang me back and said actually we’ve had the rest of the blood results, and you’re pregnant.”
At the advice of the doctors, Molly saw a midwife, who scheduled another blood test and a scan the following week.

Given that she had just learnt she was pregnant, she thought that she atleast have a few weeks to plan and prepare. However, to her surprise, she went into labour the following day.
“I went to work as normal the next day, my mum was around the corner so I went to meet her on my lunch at Costco, and my waters broke,” she narrates.
“My mum rang an ambulance and they took me in.
“They wanted to scan me as we had no idea how far gone I was, no idea about anything.
“They scanned me and they actually laughed, they were like you’re 39 weeks and 6 days.
“You’re having a boy and he’s coming now. I was like oh no, this can’t be happening,” she concluded.

“I’ve been really lucky, I’ve had so many people wanting to give me stuff thinking I won’t have anything.

“I had no symptoms at all, no sickness or anything, it was just kind of like weight gain but it wasn’t like a bump.”
“I didn’t have any movement, my placenta was at the front acting like a cushion so I didn’t even feel him,” she added.

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