Woman Gives Birth To 9 Babies After Doctors Missed Two On Her Ultrasound And They’re All Healthy

A woman has become a mum-of-nine by giving birth to nonuplets after doctors missed two of her babies in a scan.

Halima Cisse, 25, from Mali, captured the attention of the West African nation when she delivered her nine babies via C-section on Tuesday.

However, during the c-section, it became clear that Halima wasn’t carrying just seven babies, but instead having nonuplets!

The babies have been placed in incubators, said Dr Alaoui.

“The newborns (five girls and four boys) and the mother are all doing well,” Mali’s health minister, Fanta Siby, added in a statement.

They were due to return home in several weeks’ time, she added.

According to local press reports, doctors had been concerned about Cisse’s health, as well as her babies’ chances of survival.

Siby went on to offer her congratulations to the “medical teams of Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is at the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy”.

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