Woman Needs Medication To Become Pregnant And Have Seven Babies, Meet They After 20 Years

Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey already had one wonderful little daughter, Mikayla, but they wanted to have more children.

Due to a hormone disorder, Bobbi needed to take supplements.

Then, in 1997, things changed drastically for the small family with the arrival of something most unexpected.

The medicine had worked — a little too well, one might even say.

Bobbi was indeed pregnant, but not with one or even two babies — no less than seven babies were growing in her belly.

As the pregnancy was very risky, doctors doubted all seven would survive. But abortion was not an option for Bobbi, who chose to go through with the pregnancy in hope of having all seven children.

As early as her 9th week, Bobbi was bed-ridden. Moving too much was risky. Then, one month before she was due to deliver, she was admitted to hospital.

Despite the huge risk, five out of seven of the children, Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon and Joel were born healthy. Babies Alexis and Nathan needed some extra help from the hospital staff in their early days.

It’s now been 20 years since the incredible birth of the children, and the little babies have grown into adulthood. Mom and dad’s home is naturally much more quiet.

The kids have chosen very different paths in their lives. For example, Kelsey has chosen to study music, while Alexis wants to become a teacher.

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