Young Mum Gives Birth To ‘One In A Million’ Twins That Are Different Races

Hannah Yarker, 20, and Kyle Armstrong, 24 were thrilled to meet their brand new bundles of joy in April last year.

But the young parents were somewhat surprised at the first sight of their twin girls.

The fraternal babies have different skin colours.

Young Amaya takes after her fair-skinned mother while her sister Myla has dark skin like her father.

The chances of two twins having different skin colours is said to be one-in-a-million.

Hannah, who works as a receptionist, said: “Kyle is mixed-race and I’m white, so from the word go, our friends joked: ‘What would you do if one came out dark and the other was fair?’

“Laughing it off, I replied ‘I don’t think it’s very likely!’

“Now our girls turn heads wherever they go – and it is not just because they are so cute.”

“At first, both the girls had a purple tone to their skin, but they looked darker so I assumed they’d both taken after Kyle.

“But after two weeks, it was clear Myla takes after her dad with dark skin, brown eyes and brunette locks, while Anaya is more of a mummy’s girl with a pale complexion, fair hair and light eyes.”

Fraternal twins come from separate eggs, thus why they inherit different genes.

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